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Date: 09/06/2020

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Say Hello to a world of language learning with Lingo Locate.

Here at Lingo Locate, we love languages, but we love helping people learn, connect and share their language experiences with each other even more.

We believe that language brings people, places and cultures together, allowing learners to make new friends, experiences and enjoy learning languages.

We connect language learners to a range of opportunities in Colombia, Online and soon: The rest of Latin America.

Focusing on Spanish and English, we build communities of language schools, tutors, language events and conversation partners to help learners immersion into language and culture, in their home or across the world.

What can Lingo Locate do for you?

Find the Best Schools

Our partner Schools provide fantastic quality and great value courses, in-person and online. We partner with the best schools, from large city-based schools to small eco-schools in the countryside. All offer online courses. See our partner Schools

Find Trusted Tutors

Our tutors are some of the best out there! They all aim to make your Spanish experience as easy and enjoyable as possible and tailor their classes to your individual needs and preferences. Be it on Skype or in person, we are sure you will love learning new languages with them. Check out our Tutors

Join Fun Language Exchanges

Practice your Spanish or English with others for free! It can be over a few cold drinks, a cup of coffee or online from your phone, the free weekly language exchanges with partner schools are not to be missed. We have language exchange events and conversation clubs online and in person, every day of the week, find one that suits you!

Meet Interesting Conversation Partners

Finding a Conversation Partner is the perfect addition to taking formal classes. Search for native speakers near you or overseas, and match with another student to help each other for free. Create a profile and contact others.

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With Lingo Locate, it’s never been so easy to learn Spanish. Search for Schools, Tutors, Language Exchanges and Conversation Partners today!

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