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Language Schools & Colleges

Schools, colleges and universities who offer language courses and private tuition

Private Tutors

Qualified private tutors offering structured classes or coaches offering conversation support.

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Easy to search and compare

View all language providers in a city to quickly and easily compare courses, prices and location

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See what’s happening in your city or plan a language trip away

In person learning

We believe language is best learnt through experiences and people. No apps, no screens, simply enjoyable in-person learning

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No hidden costs – search, compare and contact a school or tutor completely free

Fits any budget

Tailor your learning journey to your specific needs, level and budget

Tailor your own learning

Find specialist courses, choose group or private lessons and select your teaching venue based on your needs

How it Works

1. Search

Simply search in your desired location to see a list of suitable service providers

2. Message

Message your preferred school or tutor and they will get back to you with full details of their courses and availability

3. Confirm booking

Confirm your booking directly with them. They may ask you to provide registration details and a deposit in advance.

4. Learn

Attend your classes, enjoy your learning and see your progress. Your school or teacher will combine theory, exercises, articles, music and more to ensure your learning is fun, effective and gets you to your language goals

5. Pay

Arrange payment directly with the school or tutor

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Enjoy fun and effective language learning

Enjoy fun and effective language learning