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Paisa Spanish teacher since 2012

I am a Spanish geek and teaching is my passion. Being creative, extrovert and fun is what makes me and so my lessons. I want you to learn social Spanish the kind of Spanish that you need to make friends in Cali, bargain in the markets of Cartagena, and understand regueton songs of Medellín.

In order to learn a new language is very important to understand the theory which includes grammar concepts from basic to advanced levels and then to apply it in a conversation. Learning informal Spanish is also important because this is how we speak more in real life.

Even if you are learning survival Spanish, it is essential to understand the logic of the language, I don’t want my students to simply repeat phases like a parrot without understanding what they are saying, plus to just know phases there is google and it’s free!

Because I was once an English student and I realized how important is to feel engaged with the new language that you are learning and by having fun while studying. As a teacher, I have created lessons that include many different learning tools. I don’t feel that a class should consist of filling in blanks in a book, which does not prepare one to go out and speak with real people in Spanish.

I’ve been teaching since 2012 and based on my experience I know what the students struggle with the most. I focus on helping them to develop the most difficult skills which are speaking and listening over writing and reading.

A good private lesson is customized to your necessities whether you are learning Spanish to live in Medellin, have a Colombian girlfriend or because you just want to know more about Colombia. I will delve into Colombian Spanish and culture if that’s your interest, but if you want to learn more general Spanish, I will teach you that as well.

Every student is different and also the way of learning. That’s why using the same methodology with all students is not good. For that reason at the beginning of the class with a simple short conversation, I will analyze what’s methodology fits you the best, that’s the advantage of private lessons over group lessons, so we can advance at your own speed.

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Violeta Bernal

  • Languages taught: Spanish

  • Experience: 9 years

  • Native language: Spanish

  • Nationality: Colombian

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  • Spanish

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"I wrote a book for self learning and you can get it on Amazon. Download the kindle app on your device/computer, that's it :) 📚 Get to the point! Beginner's Spanish secrets https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08NT5LX6T/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=get+to+the+point+spanish&qid=1605720999&sr=8-2"


Diplomado De Enseñanza De Español Para Extranjeros
(Universidad Nacional de Colombia)


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