Mexico City, CDMX, México


Years old

English language learner

Hi, I am from mexico, my English is work in progress so i'd like to find some one to practice my English with. What I like the best is soccer, as well as reading books and running, are so cozy to me.

well, I am looking for a English speaker to start a language exchange up, and so, if you are interested please just get in touch with me.

Have a good one, see u.

Why I learn a language

I've been thinking about studying abroad, besides that I know that the more languages you speak the easier is for you to communicate with others around the world.

What language exchange I am looking for

I am looking for a English speaker partner in mexico city in exchange for my Spanish, my mother language

  • Native language: Spanish

  • Nationality: mexican

Languages Spoken

  • Spanish

  • English

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