Julio Torrico

Av. Dorrego 2103, C1414 CLD, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Years old

Under the Iron Sea

Hi, my name is Julio Torrico. I´m currently pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience at Universidad de Buenos Aires. I have a degree in Biology specialised in animal behavior. I have a passion for animals. I'm a very creative and practical person. I like to solve problems when they arise. For example, my native language is Spanish so I always want to improve my English, because it's important for my work. I even have taken some courses of programming to solve problems in my experiments. I'm going to finish my PhD in four years. But I think that I don't have experience working in the field yet, so now may be a good moment to face this challenge. I think that I could join an organization that rescues animals in danger or a group that protects the environment with campaigns on the field.

Why I learn a language

For my work, I need to exchange information with other scientist's in the world.

What language exchange I am looking for

I'm looking for a conversation partner of English. I am living in Buenos Aires.

  • Native language: Spanish

  • Nationality: Argentina

Languages Spoken

  • Spanish

  • English

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