Instituto Nacional de Formación Docente n°41

Rauch, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hello, I am interested in learning English, also I could help you with your Spanish

Hello everyone!
My name is Belen, I am argentine, and at this moment I am studying as a Professor of English, in fact, this is my first year, in Instituto Nacional de Formación Docente n°41

Why I learn a language

In the future, I would like to learn more languages, but, at the moment, I want to improve my speaking and help others to improve as English as Spanish. I am in process of learning, and I think, could be better if you could help me! Together, we will be able to develop our English skills!!!

  • Native language: Spanish

  • Nationality: Argentina

Languages Spoken

  • Spanish

  • English

Take classes, attend events, or do both!
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