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We are Spanish tutors focused on offering you an immersive learning experience online. Our objective is to help you feel more confident so we can create a conversational environment while we combine Spanish grammar, vocabulary, culture and exercises adapted to your needs and expectations.

As we also learn other languages, we recognize the main obstacles to do it with success and we have designed a method with a perfect balance between structure and permanent interaction.

We provide you with live lessons via Hangouts or Skype, along with interactive material on Google Drive. We want to develop a progressive conversational environment for you through lessons and activities, while we combine Spanish grammar, vocabulary, culture and exercises adapted to your needs and progress.

We are working hard to create projects focused on immersive tours to practice Spanish while you discover Colombian cities and towns.

Furthermore, we are coordinating volunteer campaigns in vulnerable communities around the country, so you can build value in our society while having an authentic linguistic and cultural exchange.

Private Lessons

Course Cost Hours per Course Duration
1 Lesson $ 15 1 1 hour Book
10 Lessons $ 145 10 2 months Book
15 Lessons $ 215 15 4 months Book
20 Lessons $ 280 28 6 months Book

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About the Classes

If you prefer to pay for your lessons individually, you will be able to choose the number of lessons and the time you will have to finish them.

Our main payment method is Xoom, linked to Paypal. If you are not in the United States we also use WorldRemit. Feel free to suggest other options!

If you have friends interested in learning Spanish, you can refer them to us and you both will get a bonus gift for one lesson.

Once you choose a plan and take your first lesson, you will have a deadline to finish them. If you buy individual lessons, you won't have a specific deadline.


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  • Spanish

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Online, from Bogotá, Colombia


Xoom, Paypal, WorldRemit, Western Union

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