Cra. 5 #10-59, Jardín, Antioquia, Colombia

FROM 32,000 COP

per hour

A Spanish Immersion program in the beautiful Colombian countryside



We are Hablea and we offer Spanish immersion programs and private classes in the beautiful town of Jardin, just 3 hours from Medellin.

We offer a variety of private and group Spanish language classes for everyone. No matter what your skill level or native language, you can learn Spanish in a way that feels easy and fun.

The classes are held in a colorful and lively environment in the wonderful coffee town of Jardín, with a welcoming atmosphere and amazing nature. Stay in the countryside of a valley surrounded by organic food and flowers, learn everything about the coffee traditions which originated in Jardín. Study in a relaxed atmosphere that will help you with your learning process.

Our Spanish Immersion Program is a fantastic way to learn both the language and the culture. During your time in Jardín, you will have the opportunity to speak Spanish all day, during the classes, at mealtimes, during visits and meetings arranged with locals.

In all of our classes, you will learn at your own rhythm and practice continually. With this flexible program, you can be sure to get the following results:

*Comprehension* You will be able to practice and understand different Spanish accents in real-life situations.

*Communication* You will increase your vocabulary and expressions by leaps and bounds! Practicing saying what you want to express naturally.

*Confidence* You will lose the fear of not being understood and of making mistakes when speaking Spanish.

*Culture* You will gain a new appreciation about Colombian culture and many international differences in Spanish.

The first introductory 20 minutes class is completely free - Contact us today!

Private Classes

Course Cost Hours per Course Duration
Individual Class 46,000 COP 1 1 hour Book
10 Hour Package 440,000 COP 10 1 week Book
20 Hour Package 855,600 COP 20 2 weeks Book

Private Group Classes (from 2-4 students, self-organised)

Course Cost Hours per Course Duration
Individual Class 32,000 COP 1 1 hour Book
10 Hour Package 290,000 COP 10 1 week Book
20 Hour Package 595,200 COP 20 2 weeks Book

Immersion Programme

Course Cost Hours per Course Duration
Full Spanish Immersion and Accommodation 545,000 COP 12 + Activities 4 days Book

DELE Preparation

Course Cost Hours per Course Duration
DELE Preparation Please inquire 40 4 weeks Book

Students who book classes also receive:

Included for free:

  • Teaching materials
  • Coffee
  • Information about all the social activities around Jardín

Also available:

  • Accomodation services
  • Excursions

About the Classes

**Private Classes and Private Groups**
Private classes can start any day of the week from Monday to Friday.
All teaching materials are included

**Immersion Program**
The immersion program is held on Tuesday to Friday (you will arrive on Monday), and requires a minimum of 3 participants.
The mornings are spent in effective and fun lessons, and in the afternoons you can participate in the wide range of immersion activities on offer. You will enjoy these moments of informality and being in a group, and you will be encouraged to speak Spanish.

The program includes:
- 12 hours of “Spanish for travelers” classes
- 2 hours of outdoor activities to discover Jardín’s natural scenery
- 3 hours of a cultural and historical tour
- 1 morning activity on Thursday
- Visit the top of the mountain by “Garrucha” antique cable car to enjoy the wonderful view of the town
- Visit to a coffee plantation, including a guide, transport and lunch
- 4 nights accommodation (dorm style).
- 4 days buffet breakfast
- Discounts at local restaurants in Jardin.
- Drinks and snacks

Optional activities not included in the immersion also include:
- Hiking
- Yoga classes
- Fishing
- Bird watching
- Paragliding
- Horse Riding
- Cooking classes

Transport from Medellin is not included, but we can help you with your options

Participants in the immersion program can select a variety of different types of accommodation. Ask for the list of hostels and hotels with who we have a special student discount.


Languages Taught

  • Spanish

Languages Staff Speak

  • French

  • English


Casa Tomada
Corporación Cultural de Jardín
(Cultural Center)
Carrera 5 #10-59


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