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Our Spanish school is nestled in the Andes mountains in El Socorro, near San Gil, one of the most spectacular landscapes in eastern Colombia. Our beautiful “pueblo” boasts historical significance as the cradle of Latin American Independence. El Socorro is a safe, low-cost and student-friendly town surrounded by countryside, but close to larger cities such as Bucaramanga and Bogota. As a university town, it is conducive for learning and has sufficient facilities to enjoy student life.​

At EHE Spanish school, the quality of our teachers is of utmost importance. Our Spanish students are taught by qualified teachers who will always go the extra mile to create effective and engaging lessons. Our teachers are dedicated to bringing energy, creativity and purpose in the classroom.

We are founded by a Colombian-Korean team, and we bring Latino warmth and Asian efficiency to maximise curricular effectiveness. We work together with the Colombian Government and education institutes and to promote Colombia as a global destination for learning Spanish.

Our Guarantee of your Success
The EHE Spanish school guarantee is very simple: If your Spanish level does not improve at the speed we think that it should, we will provide you with all the additional support and Spanish classes you need to reach your target level.

EHE Spanish School is officially recognized by Ministerio de Educación de Colombia – Resolución 016863 del 18/09/14
Our Spanish programs are officially registered by Ministerio de Educación de Colombia – Resolución 03390 del 28/03/16

Online Classes

Course Cost Hours per Course Duration
Online Spanish course $16 USD 8, 12, 16 or 20 month Book
DELE preparation Online $16 USD 8, 12, 16 or 20 month Book

Private Classes

Course Cost Hours per Course Duration
One on One - 10 Package $160 USD 10 2 week Book
One on One- 20 Package $360 USD 20 1 month Book

Group Courses

Course Cost Hours per Course Duration
Mini group - CaELE Program $720 USD 60 4 weeks Book
DELE Exam course $780 USD 60 3 weeks Book
Spanish for travelers- 1 or 2 weeks $150 USD 10 1 weeks Book

Students who book classes also receive:

Included for free:

  • Wifi
  • Study material
  • Cultural excursions
  • Social activities
  • Dance classes

Also available:

  • Accommodation assistance

About the Classes

We create an effective curriculum system that caters to the individual needs of the students. Our academic coordinator supervises and plans every single class to make sure each lesson is right for each student’s level.

In our curriculum, learning extends beyond the four walls of the classroom. We organize walkabouts activities that facilitate holistic learning of Spanish.

Mini group -CaELE PROGRAM
The CaELE (Conocimientos académicos de español como lengua extranjera) is a formal Spanish program comprising levels A1 - C2. The CAELE program is the own curriculum EHE Spanish school, which is officially registered by the Colombian Ministry of National Education.

Levels A1 and A2 comprises two modules of 60 hours/4 weeks. B1 and B2 comprise 4 modules. We take you through a comprehensive curriculum for each module and you receive an official certificate upon its completion.
Classes run at the following times:
- Morning: 8am - 11am
- Afternoon: 2pm - 5pm

Our One-on-One classes are personalized to suit the needs of each student. You can choose between four time slots:
Morning: 8am - 10am or 10am - 12noon
Afternoon: 2pm - 4pm or 4pm – 6pm

The classes are designed to prepare you for the DELE exam. Learn the skills and strategies needed to ace the test.
We have a wide range of DELE preparation materials from the most popular publishers (30 sample papers). You will review with the latest materials and focus on practical communication skills rooted in strict grammar. We provide you with regular feedback to ensure effective learning.

We run three DELE courses per year, each course is 3 weeks in duration. Our start dates align to the official DELE exam dates. Contact us for more information.

Our Survival Spanish is for those who have no or very little Spanish. With a maximum of 6 students per class, starting every Monday you will learn:
* Greetings, presentation and personal information
* Numbers, colors, food, fruit and veggies
* Parts of the body, pain in the body, feeling and emotions
* How to describe people, things and places
* Telling a time, how to deal with the Peso (Colombian money)
* Talking about likes/dislikes, restaurants and shopping
* Verbs of daily activities and more
* Getting directions, using the verb Ser and Estar
* How to use interrogative sentences
* Hotel reservations/bookings, how to take a bus, price negotiation skills

Learn Spanish online with EHE Skype Spanish class at home, personalized skype Spanish online Classes by Internet given by Qualified Teachers.

EHE online Spanish classes by Skype provides individual Online Spanish classes around the world through Skype or ZOOM video conferencing. Our EHE Skype Spanish online program ( online Spanish classes) will help you learn quickly and achieve confidence and fluency in the Spanish language.

This method of learning Spanish online at home is just as much fun as it is educational.

We welcome students from all over the world and different language backgrounds. Our online Spanish tutors adn teachers will do everything possible, from the very beginning, to help you improve your fluency and your comprehension of Spanish in the shortest time possible.

EHE Spanish School

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Cl. 15 #9-12
El Socorro


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