Altrincham, UK


Years old

Lady learning beginner Spanish would like a conversation partner

My name is Carolyn, I am 51 and work as a barber part time. I have 4 teenage children. We go to Spain every year and we love to visit Barcelona and usually stay in Fenals, Loret de Mar or La Pineda, Costa Dorada. I am learning Spanish as in the future I am eventually looking to buy a small apartment in Spain to live 6 months of the year. I want to be comfortable with the language before I move so for the next few years it would be good to have a conversational partner to help with my transition.

I enjoy playing the piano, flute and guitar and also a little on the button accordion. I enjoy art also but haven’t much time for that at the moment.

Why I learn a language

I wish to live and work in Spain in the future.

What language exchange I am looking for

I am looking for a conversation partner in Catalonia, Spain in exchange for learning English.

  • Native language: English

  • Nationality: British

Languages Spoken

  • English

  • Spanish

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