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Unlimited One-on-One Spanish Classes. There's no reason not to!


BaseLang's Spanish Courses are unique.
We offer two program structures for you to choose between, based on your individual style of learning:

Zero to Conversational in a Month, Guaranteed
Our revolutionary Grammarless course lets you learn Spanish like a child does, without any grammar - and have a 30-minute conversation confidently after just four weeks.

This intensive program is a rocketship. We guarantee that you become conversational in a single month. No other course anywhere offers (or can offer) that guarantee. A less intense two-month option is also available online.

Unlimited One-on-One Spanish Classes
Take as many one-on-one online Spanish classes as you want with our professional teachers, for a flat rate.

The Real World Program is designed to get you from zero to conversational quickly, and then advanced materials help you clean up lingering errors and become truly fluent.

BaseLang is in the heart of Laureles, one of the finest areas of Medellin. A perfect setting for an authentic Spanish learning experience. As a member of our Spanish School, you will get free access to Baselang’s online teachers too so that you may continue with unlimited classes outside of class hours. Our online platform makes it easy to track your progress, review and book your classes.

No other school offers UNLIMITED classes for a flat rate. For less than you’d pay for 20 hours a week of group classes elsewhere, you can have as many private classes as you want. With our Satisfaction Guarantee, there is nothing to loose. Try us risk free today!

Medellin School Classes

Course Cost Hours per Course Duration
Grammarless $1200 USD 80 1 month Book
Real World Program Lite $599 USD 2hr/day 1 month Book
Real World Program $1199 USD Unlimited 1 month Book

Online Courses

Course Cost Hours per Course Duration
Grammarless (1 month) $900 USD 80 1 month Book
Grammarless (2 months) $900 USD 80 2 months Book
Real World Program $149 USD Unlimited Per month Book

Students who book classes also receive:

Included for free:

  • Artisanal coffee
  • Tea
  • Learning material
  • Language exchanges

About the Classes

Grammarless uses a completely different method that flips the entire process on its head. Instead of starting with the concept and examples, we start with practice. Each class, you go straight to *using* the new concept – without even having to understand it. By using it over and over, guided by your teacher, you “get” how it works, so you can use it, and can understand when people use it with you. All without any grammar explanations.

We like to say that you used this method before when you learned your first language a baby. No rules were explained to you. However, as a baby, the input is random and unorganized, so it takes a long time – several years – for you to understand the patterns of the language.

With the Grammarless program, you’re learning the same patterns – but in a structured way, so you learn in weeks, not years.

Real World uses an optimized form of the standard model – learn a concept, see examples, and then practice it. However, unlike outdated traditional language schools, we put the most important and used things first so that you’re not stuck studying one tense for months when you need all of them. Through unlimited classes, you get the volume of conversation practice necessary for things to stick.

Grammarless students are guaranteed to be conversational by the end of the program. No other program can offer this.

Real World has a different guarantee. For online, if you’re not happy after your first 35 days, then let us know and we’ll refund you your entire payment – plus give you $20 extra for wasting your time. For Real World Medellin students, we’ll refund you if you’re not happy in the first 3 days of your month-long subscription.

In-person hours are 8:30-12:30 and 13:30-17:30, Monday to Saturday.
Online is 6:00 to midnight (Eastern Standard Time), 7 days a week.

Classes happen in-person at our school in Medellin, and you can take classes online, too.

You’ll have access to over a hundred teachers, so you’re guaranteed to “click” with someone.

We give you everything you need, including flashcards that align with our lessons and review materials.


Languages Taught

  • Spanish

Languages Staff Speak

  • Spanish

  • English


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