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Have you ever wanted a tailor-made solution to learning Spanish, and a coach to learn right alongside you? Come join me by enrolling with Aprovechar Language Solutions, LLC today!

With over two decades of Spanish under my belt, including living abroad and meeting all sorts of Spanish accents, I get it: learning Spanish can be challenging sometimes. That's why my coaching approach includes mindset work as well as helping you establish those habits and routines you need in order to make Spanish part of you. Fluency can only come with consistent practice and motivation, and I help you maintain those routines to meet your specific goals.

I start each course by getting to know you, then personalizing every step of the way so that when we're done, you have a handful of real-world examples to use the multiple grammar points I teach in all of my courses (preterite vs. imperfect tenses, ser vs. estar, etc.). Each session starts with conversation, and ends with a check-in: what was your favorite part? Is there anything you'd like to see or do differently? That feedback influences how I set up our next session.

Course Cost Hours per Course Duration
Group Coaching $100 USD 5 5 hours Book
Spanish Check-In $90 USD 1 1 hour Book
Spanish Survival Course $500 USD 6 6 hours Book
Spanish Specialist Course $1000 USD 12 12 hours Book
Spanish Scholar Course $2000 USD 24 24 hours Book

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  • Coffee or tea
  • Teaching materials
  • Customized homework

About the Classes

Each one-on-one course is on your schedule. As soon as you purchase a set of hours, these hours can be used at your leisure. We first connect via Zoom or Skype, whichever you are most comfortable with, and ensure we'll be a good fit. Then, once we figure out scheduling, I'll create a personalized learning plan, with objectives per session and/or per time frame (e.g., per week).

Group coaching is $20 per session, with a 5-session minimum. I have created an exam which follows CEFR and ACTFL language standards to determine your language level (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced). Based on your time zone and language level, I'll match you with your group (not to exceed 10 people per group).

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