Los Angeles, CA, USA


Years old

What's up!

Hi, everyone! I went to school for biology but ended up moving to LA, California, to become a dancer instead! I love to laugh, smile, say hello to people, and try new things. My goal is to learn Spanish over the next few years, and then talk to everyone and travel throughout Mexico, CA, SA, and España.

In spanish, I talk like a three year old, but hopefully in a month or so I’ll advance to 4.5 years old ;)

Why I learn a language

Spanish speakers are all around me, yet I never learned Spanish! I would love to be able to *say hello to everyone with confidence rather than just *wave at people. I want to travel and meet people of different cultures, eat new foods, and dance all night!

What language exchange I am looking for

Spanish (You), English (Me)

  • Native language: English

  • Nationality: US - American

Languages Spoken

  • English

  • Spanish

Take classes, attend events, or do both!
Fun and effective ways to learn new languages