How to practice Spanish for free

Date: 02/07/2020

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Improve your Spanish with free language exchange events

Do you want to practice your Spanish, but can’t find opportunities? Do you enjoy social learning and exchanging culture as well as language?

Language exchange events are for you!

Here’s how to get social (for free) and practice a new language, with Lingo Locate.

What are language exchange events?

These free and informal events are great ways to practice conversational Spanish or English, with native speakers and other learners. Events range from meeting a group in a café or bar for conversation practice, to foreign film nights, music and dance events or even day excursions based around cultural and language exchange. For inspiration, see here.

Our partner schools host a range of Language Exchange Events and Conversation Clubs, every day of the week and across a range of time zones.

Currently all language events are online due to COVID-19. This creates a unique opportunity to meet online with language learners from all over the world, interact with new cultures and connect with others (Don’t worry, in- person exchanges will be coming back again soon!).

Check out our Language Events and keep an eye out on our social media to see the latest language exchanges and conversation clubs held by our partner schools.

happy friends at a language exchange

How to join a language exchange event?

Joining a Language Exchange Event couldn’t be easier:

  1. Simply search for your language requirement
  2. Select the time and day that suits you
  3. Register through the Contact button
  4. Join!

The hosts will provide a Zoom, Skype or Google Meet link in the invite, so all you need to do is log on and get chatting!

The exchanges are structured and guided by qualified tutors and can include games and fun activities to get you practising English or Spanish. There are options for nearly every day of the week!

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