How to learn a language during lockdown?

Date: 23/07/2020

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A fun-filled quarantine with Lingo Locate

With the world working from home and entertainment outside of the house on hold for most countries, some of you may be finding that you have a bit more time in your day for things you didn’t have time for before.

To us at Lingo Locate, it’s the perfect time to learn Spanish or sharpen up your language skills.

Here’s our expert guide on how you can learn a language in the comfort of your own home

Tip 1: Connect with other language learners online.

With your social life now more online than ever, this is the perfect time to meet people from all over the world. Sign up to become a Conversation Partner with Lingo Locate, connect with other language learners or native speakers online and practise together. Do you want to find a native speaker in a particular country? No problem! You can select the country of interest to you, and find Partners with similar language levels and interests to you. Simply connect on Lingo Locate, agree to Partner, and continue the conversation however is easiest for you both.

Tip 2: Join a free online language exchange

Tired of living in your sweats with no excuse to dress up? Well, here’s the perfect opportunity to dress up, feel good, have a few drinks or some food while connecting with language learners from all over the world in one of our many online language events. This is a great way to learn about other cultures, try out your language skills and make new friends all from the comfort of your own home!

Learn a language online

Tip 3: Sign up for online lessons

At Lingo Locate, we have the best Spanish schools and Tutors waiting to help you with your language journey. There are many different programmes to join, for different levels and different budgets. For the first time, you can attend a language school in Latin America from anywhere in the world! Take advantage of special lockdown discounts at our partner schools or reach out to our first-class tutors.

Tip 4: Learn while you relax

Learning and relaxing in the same sentence? Yes, you did read that right! Kick back, relax and learn Spanish with our pick of the top Spanish Netflix shows that are guaranteed to entertain you as well as help you sharpen up your pronunciation and learn new words. If you feel that you have spent too much time on the couch lately, then try listening to a Spanish podcast that will help you learn while you do your yoga, walk or even clean the house. These passive ways to learn are perfect for when your brain has had enough from the workday but you’re still wanting to work on your language skills.

Make the most of this lockdown by improving your language skills. Combine formal Spanish classes with free online language exchanges and conversation partners.

This combination will have you fluent in no time!

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