How to find a Spanish Conversation Partner

Date: 19/06/2020

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What are Conversation Partners?

Are you frustrated that you can’t practice Spanish or English outside of the classroom? Can you understand everything but you freeze when you try to speak?

You need a Conversation Partner!

Conversation Partners are language learners just like yourself, who want to practice together or exchange their native language for yours. Completely free and with great intentions, you help each other to improve, share culture and enjoy learning languages together.

With Lingo Locate, you can become a conversation partner and find others for free!

Practice your Spanish or English with native speakers or other learners in your own city, or on the other side of the world!

Are you planning a language immersion trip abroad? Use Lingo Locate to find locals to meet for language exchange over coffee

Conversation Partners learning language

How to find Conversation Partners?

With Lingo Locate it’s never been easier. Simply search our site here

How to become a Conversation Partner?

To get started, register as a conversation partner and create your profile. Search for conversation partners and contact them directly, and be contacted by others. Then simply exchange messages through Lingo Locate and continue the conversation practice as you wish – on email, Whatsapp or in person.

4 Tips for a successful profile

For the most successful profile and Conversation Partner matches, follow these 4 top tips:

  1. Be original: Stand out from the crowd and more conversation partners will contact you.
  2. Include a photo: Create trust and show people you are real.   
  3. Include your likes: Attract other people similar to you.
  4. Provide your location: Include your nearest town or city for students interested in your country or accent.

With Lingo Locate you can find your Spanish and English learning community at home and all over the world!

Learn a language anywhere and connect with new people today.

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