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San Carlos Address Calle 20 #21-64, 3er piso San Carlos Antioquia, Colombia

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Get off the tourist trail, learn Spanish the right way



*Quality* Our teachers were educated in Medellín and worked at Spanish Schools in Medellín before founding Spanish Adventure. They have taught students from over 45 countries at all levels of Spanish.

*Immersion* Stay in the local culture is a key part to enhance your Spanish learning experience. San Carlos is known in Colombia for its many waterfalls and as an example of peace and reconciliation after the war. San Carlos is a hidden gem and has yet to see international tourism.

*Adventure* Explore the nature of surrounding San Carlos, Antioquia with daily adventures. Swim in rivers, jump off waterfalls, hike and even try canyoning. Our daily adventures include canyoning, hiking, farm tours, coffee tours. Or for the more adventurous, take our special weekend activities to go paragliding, zip lining, climbing and rafting!

*Unbeatable Value* All packages competitively priced and include more than other Spanish schools in Colombia, Medellin and across the world.

Break away from the hustle and bustle of Medellín and spend time immersed in small town Colombia learning Spanish. Located 40 miles (60 km) east of Medellín. Spanish Adventure is owned and operated by Colombians. San Carlos is a small town with a unique history of reconciliation after the war. We have over 30 adventures close to San Carlos, you can spend weeks with us and never do the same adventure twice!

Online Classes

Curso Costo Hours per Course Duración
Group Courses $320,000 COP 16 4 weeks Reserva
Private course $460.000 COP 12 4 weeks Reserva
Private lessons $400.000 COP 8 4 weeks Reserva
Private lesson $55,000 COP 1 1 hour Reserva
Conversation Practice $20,000 COP 1 1 hour Reserva

Spanish Class Packages (including accommodation and lunch)

Curso Costo Hours per Course Duración
Scout Package $660,000 COP 10 1 week Reserva
Adventure Package $780,000 COP 15 1 week Reserva
Adventure 3 weeks Package $2.160.000 COP 45 3 weeks Reserva

Students who book classes also receive:

Incluido gratis:

  • Dorm Accommodation
  • Lunch
  • Daily Adventures
  • Cultural Activities
  • Teaching Materials

También disponible

  • Additional Accommodation Options
  • Aditional Adventures

Sobre las clases

Our Spanish learning methodology is based on practice learning. We have a flexible and dynamic program with personalized classes. The lessons are adapted to each students expectations and necessities (business, travel, medical, family, conversational level). We will encourage you to speak, listen, read, and write through our fun exercises. There are options to offer customized classes due to our small groups.

Weekly Spanish classes are the perfect way to experience authentic Colombian culture while simultaneously improving your Spanish skills with guaranteed results from week one. Focusing on more than just classroom lessons, Spanish Adventure can guarantee stellar results as we combine the following to maximize your learning and enjoyment!

SCOUT PACKAGE: 10 Hours Spanish lessons (2 hours Monday - Friday)
ADVENTURE PACKAGE: 15 hours Spanish lessons (3 hours Monday - Friday)

- Adventures every afternoon Monday - Thursday
- 2 hours dancing lessons on Wednesday
- Big adventure on Saturday
- Accommodation in a dorm Sunday - Sunday
- Lunch every day Monday - Friday
- Insurance

Discounts are available for 2+ weeks, please contact us for more information

All packages include a bed in one of our dorm rooms. Additional accommodation options include:
- Private single room in the Spanish Adventure House +$150,000 COP
- Private double room in the Spanish Adventure House +$35,000 COP per person (+$70,000 in total)
- Local hotels. You'll receive a discount at our partner hotels


Private lessons: Take class 1 on 1 with one of our professional teachers.

Group Courses: Learn with your family, friends or sign up on the waiting list for organised groups. The 4 week course includes 12 hours of group lessons and 4 hours of practice 1 on 1 with a tutor.

Conversation Practice: Our tutors will help you to improve your Spanish with conversational practice where you can apply what you have learned, acquire new vocabulary and get to know more about Colombian culture and traditions.

Spanish Adventure

Languages Taught

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Languages Staff Speak

  • Inglés

  • Español


Calle 20 #21-64
San Carlos


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