Villa Ortúzar, CABA, Argentina


Years old

Life is continuous learning.

I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I wanna know people from other countries. I'm taking classes with a personal teacher but I really need practice everyday with a native speaker to improve my english. I'm searching for other people that want to learn Spanish so we can learn from each other.

Por qué aprendo un idioma

I'm learning web programming and the predominant language is English. I wanna work in foreign companies and I wish to naturally speak with other people about work but also about other things. Also I wanna travel.

What language exchange I am looking for

I'm looking for a conversation partner with native English speakers, in exchange for my Spanish.

  • Native language: Español

  • Nationality: Argentino

Languages Spoken

  • Español

  • Inglés

  • Italiano

Take classes, attend events, or do both!
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