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Calle 45F 70A 48 Laureles

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Learn Spanish in the City of Eternal Spring


Study Spanish in 2 locations in Medellín: Laureles-Estadio or Manila, Poblado.

As a young, enthusiastic team of qualified teachers from across Colombia, we thrive on sharing our beautiful culture and language with visitors.

We offer flexible and tailored Spanish Language courses to students in-person, or online. Our courses can be taken in a group of 2-8 students, or private 1:1 with a qualified teacher from Colombia. Our courses cover core skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, with the option for additional oral practice.

Students with a basic knowledge of Spanish are also offered conversational classes to allow them to focus on gaining confidence speaking Spanish in the real world.

We believe that learning Spanish doesn't stop when you leave the classroom. Sharing our vibrant Colombian culture is an important part of our students' experiences. From online and in-person language exchanges, to cooking classes and local trips, our students have the opportunity to experience the real Colombia, and it's hidden gems.

Every Monday and Wednesday students are invited to a free group class to further their skills and meet students of other levels.

We offer long-term courses that allow students to be eligible to apply for a Colombian student visa.

Monitor your progress online - every 4 weeks students are assessed by their teacher to identify areas to improve.

Elefun is a Nationally & Internationally Accredited Language School. We are a SIELE examination centre, offering students the opportunity to gain their SIELE certificate in Spanish Proficiency.

Group Classes (2-8 students)

Curso Costo Hours per Course Duración
In-person General Group $120 USD 10 1 week Reserva
In-person Semi-Intensive Group $172 USD 15 1 week Reserva
In-person Intensive Group $221 USD 20 1 week Reserva
Online General Group $111 USD 10 1 week Reserva

Private Classes

Curso Costo Hours per Course Duración
In-person Private $195 USD 10 1 week Reserva
Online Private $180 USD 10 1 week Reserva

Conversational Classes (students with intermediate Spanish) 1:1 with native speaker

Curso Costo Hours per Course Duración
In-person Conversational $116 USD 10 1 week Reserva
Online Conversational $107 USD 10 1 week Reserva

Students who book classes also receive:

Incluido gratis:

  • Language exchanges - online and in-person
  • Free classes every Monday & Wednesday
  • Salsa lessons
  • Wifi at both Medellín locations
  • Colombian snacks

También disponible

  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation services
  • Assistance with visas
  • Siele Exam to certify Spanish Language Proficiency

Sobre las clases

**Online courses**

A smart way to learn some Spanish basics before arriving in Medellín for live classes
Courses are taught over Zoom and are highly flexible and can be scheduled according to the student’s availability, pace, and goals.
New classes start every Monday and are held on weekdays (2 hours per day / 10 hours per week)..

**Medellin in-person courses**

All of our classes start every Monday, with the following timetables:

General Group Lessons
- 10h per week (2 hours / day)
- 9am - 11am

Semi-Intensive Group Lessons
- 15h per week (3 hours / day)
- 9am - 12.10pm

Intensive Group Lessons
- 20h per week (4 hours / day)
- 9am - 1.10pm

Private Lessons
- 10h per week (2 hours / day)
- Choose your hours

Conversational 1:1 with a native speaker
- 10h per week (2 hours / day)
- Choose your hours

***Discounts Available for 4+ weeks***

Elefun Spanish School

Languages Taught

  • Español

Languages Staff Speak

  • Español

  • Inglés


Laureles-Estadio: Calle 45F #70A-48
Manila, Poblado: Calle 11A #43D-96


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