Carolina Martínez (Example Tutor)

Laureles - Estadio, Medellin, Medellín, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

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Improve your Spanish and learn more about Colombia

Speak Spanish from the very first day! Increase your confidence, improve your accuracy and fluency in speaking!

I am a certified and qualified, native Spanish teacher graduated from the Spanish Teachers Course ELE at Hemingway Institute in Spain (accredited by Cervantes Institute). I love teaching my wonderful language and helping my students improve their language skills, lose their fear of speaking and to even reach their goals.

I believe the real purpose of learning a language is communication, therefore, my lessons are dynamic, interactive, with an emphasis placed on the development of student's abilities to speak and understand spoken Spanish.

I try to use topics that are closed to my students' lifestyle. I also use Google Docs to make explanations and examples easy for you.

My lessons include the following materials:
* Spanish Level Test.
* A program according to your level.
* Organized lessons using texts and resources such as videos, images, audios, grammar explanations, and vocabulary. There will be lots of interesting exercises and even role-playing to practice with as well.
* Slides (PowerPoint presentations) to complement and support lessons as required which will be sent to you after each lesson.
* Evaluation of each unit.

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Carolina Martínez (Example Tutor)

  • Idiomas enseñados: Español

  • Experiencia: 10años

  • Lengua materna: Español

  • Nacionalidad: Colombian

Idiomas Hablados

  • Inglés

  • Francés

  • Español

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"I have been teaching Spanish for 10 years in schools , businesses and as a private tutor"


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