ayaris fresa

Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá


Years old

I would like to practice every day English language because to learn a language there are go out of your comfort zone practicing enough. I would love someday be fluent :')

My native language is Spanish. I would like to exchange language. I am homely but I like to go out to know new places, I like traveling but I fear to the heights, so when I travel in a plane it is a difficult for me hahaha.

Por qué aprendo un idioma

I want to practice English with native people because I want to go out of my confort zone and practicing with frecuently to achieve to be fluent someday and I can talk with confidence. It still is difficult for me.<br />

What language exchange I am looking for

I want to practice English and I can exchange with my Spanish.

  • Native language: Español

  • Nationality: Dominican/ Panamanian

Languages Spoken

  • Español

  • Inglés

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